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"Mesopotamian Collection of the Sulaymaniyah Museum"

A Journey Through the Time Machine

Abstract Background
Mesopotamian Collection of the Sulaymaniyah Museum

The Sulaymaniyah Museum is the second-largest museum in Iraq, following the Iraq Museum in Baghdad. It holds approximately 90,000 artifacts that date back from the Middle Paleolithic period (300,000 – 50,000 years ago) to the early 20th century CE. My book features almost 98% of the Museum's displayed artifacts. The book, titled "Mesopotamian Collection of the Sulaymaniyah Museum, a Journey Through the Time Machine," is the first-ever written book that specifically addresses an archaeological museum in Iraq in English, detailing and thoroughly explaining its contents using 1046 color images. The book comes second (after 52 years) to the book "Treasures of the Iraq Museum," written by the late Dr. Faraj Basmachi in 1972 (in Arabic), which featured 296 black-and-white images. It should be noted that the book was not supported, funded, commissioned, or sponsored by the Sulaymaniyah Museum or any other organization. The book reflects the author's love and passion for Mesopotamia and his obsession with the concept of immortality and was written purely out of volunteerism without any compensation.

- Hardcover, Royal (6.14 x 9.21 in / 156 x 234 mm), 390 pages, color.

- Published: February 26, 2024. 

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