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Marble Surface
Marble Surface
Books published by Dr. Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin


"My extensive photographic archive has been instrumental in furthering public understanding of Mesopotamian history," Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin. 

Abstract Background

My Story of Photography Passion!

I have millions and millions of images. Living in a land like Iraq, steeped in the rise and fall of empires, makes you intimately aware of life's fleeting nature. Millennia of history unfold before you, reminding you that even the grandest civilizations can vanish. This constant awareness of impermanence sparked a deep fascination with immortality within me. 

  • As a photographer, I see a gap in how Mesopotamia and its treasures are visually represented. Many existing images are either historical (black and white) or recent but lack technical polish. While tourism is still developing in Iraq, scholars face ongoing challenges. Photography offers a powerful tool for Iraqis to share their stories and the beauty of their heritage with the world.

  • My quest for a lasting legacy found its answer in documenting under-represented historical sites. It became clear: see, capture, preserve. Simple yet profound. My initial focus was on utilizing cutting-edge Nikon equipment to photograph Iraqi landmarks and artifacts with a limited online presence.

My journey began in 2012 when I shared photos on Facebook, sparking a surge in interest. Seeking wider visibility and credibility, I uploaded them to the Ancient History Encyclopedia (now World History Encyclopedia), Wikimedia, and Wikipedia. In late 2018, a pivotal moment arrived: the Sulaymaniyah Museum invited me to participate in a collaborative project on cultural heritage preservation, sponsored by prestigious institutions. This project culminated in the museum's first book in 2019, with me contributing the Arabic and English text.

From that first Nikon, my work has blossomed. Searching Mesopotamian artifacts on Google Images now likely leads you to my photographs. I've contributed over 40 articles and thousands of high-resolution images to the World History Encyclopedia and Wikimedia, all licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 license, allowing free use with attribution. My work extends beyond online platforms; archaeology websites, history books, journals, and documentaries utilize my images, ensuring wider access to Mesopotamian history.

Some links to Dr. Amin's Mesopotamian Heritage contribution: 

  • World History Encyclopedia and its ETC blog. Dr. Amin authored about 40 articles and contributed around 2,500 images.   

  • Wikipedia and Wikimedia. Dr. Amin created many articles and uploaded 1000s of high-quality images.  

  • Photographing Iraq, Ancient Near East Today. 

  • WikiScience Competition, 2019 and 2017; Dr. Amin was a juror representing the Pan-Arab World. 

  • "The Future of the Past: Addressing the Cultural Heritage Crisis in Iraq and Syria," the 4th Met Museum/Columbia University/ACOR cultural heritage workshop in Amman, Jordan January 2020. Speaker. 

  • Museums' documentation and publication, a workshop. The Metropolitan Museum, New York, in partnership with Columbia University, New York, and the American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR), Amman. January 2019. 

  •  "Masterpieces of the Sulaymaniyah Museum," 2019. Co-author.  

  • "The Sulaymaniyah Museum, Guidebook," 2019. Co-author.  

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